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Contend For the Supernatural

In the late 1970s, I watched a spectacular healing take place in a musty, canvas tent. My dad had taken me to an old-fashioned Pentecostal camp meeting. They brought a young girl forward who had severe problems with her legs. She didn’t walk very well when she came forward and received prayer. However, by the time she left the stage, she walked normally.

That experience ignited my imagination. I witnessed God doing something incredible, and I was intensely aware of His existence. I obs...

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Gifts of Healings

A few years ago I journeyed to Argentina and had the privilege of ministering in several congregations. One of the churches where I spoke had been in the midst of a blazing revival. In fact, I could sense the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit as soon as I entered the building.

However, as the service concluded that evening, I noticed that the congregation didn't actively pray for the sick. I was confused about this so I decided to ask the lead pastor about it.

He said, “We h...

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An Astounding Mystery About Christmas

I truly love Christmas. However, those acquainted with me know that I'm not one for nostalgia or sentimentality. Lavish decorations, with colorful lights and adorned evergreens, have never been at the top of my list. There's an entirely different reason for my elation.

Traditionally Christmas has been a season for celebrating Kingdom fulfillment. Even fear-mongers and those gripped by apocalyptic concerns seem to be willing to sing songs about "peace on earth" during this sea...

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4 Reasons The Book Revelation Was Composed Early—And Is Not Overly Futuristic

Many insist that the Book of Revelation was written in 96 AD. They do so primarily because an earlier date of composition would suggest John was prophesying the 70AD destruction of Jerusalem. Although references to first-century events would have made sense to early readers (They would be cognizant of the destruction of Herod's Temple, ending of Mosiac sacrifices, changing priesthood, etc.), this approach is dismissed because it undermines popular apocalyptic interpretations. Many are so enam...

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Haunted By Fear Of Rejection And Failure? How You Can Get Free From The Orphan Spirit

"Who am I and where do I belong?" This is a fundamental question that virtually everyone is forced to answer. I think there are fascinating insights embedded in the following biblical account.

At Gilboa, the Philistine army surged. Jonathan and his father, Saul, were viciously slain in battle. As news reached Israel, the courtiers scrambled. In the midst of the confusion, tragedy struck.

"Jonathan, son of Saul, had a son who was lame in both feet. He was five year...

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Why The Great Tribulation Has Already Passed

Like many others, I grew up with intense fears about an encroaching time of cataclysm and disaster. Drawing on a patchwork of biblical verses from Matthew 24 and Daniel 9, I was told that all of creation would enter a seven-year period of tribulation in which an evil Antichrist would come to power. This “beast” would make a seven-year peace treaty with Israel, only to betray the Jews after three and a half years, plunging the world into a geopolitical crisis that ends with the battle of Armag...

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