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A Healing Case Study: When It Looks Like You Failed

10 months ago · By J.D. King · 2 Min Read

While ministering in Southeast Missouri, I spotted a man grappling with a cane. I felt an immediate leading from the Lord to minister to him.

After worship ended, I got up and introduced myself. I told the audience what I hoped the Lord would accomplish in the service. I called out the man and inquired about his legs.

He wasn’t particularly cooperative, but I got him to share about his accident. I asked if he would let me pray for him. He hesitantly complied, but declared, “I’m a doubting Thomas.” I informed him, “That’s okay, I have enough faith for the both of us.”

It didn’t get better from there. He started subtly pushing back at my ministry. It was evident he wasn’t overly open to receiving healing. If I hadn’t received an impression from the Lord, I might not have kept going.

I sat him down in a chair and started to work with his legs—making a strong decree of breakthrough. I commanded the legs to be strengthened and revitalized. I prayed, “Bones, be brought back into alignment.” After a few minutes of intercession, I asked how things were going? With a sneer, he said, “Things are exactly the same.”

I dug in further and prayed against darkness and spiritual realities. I insisted that afflictions be removed from his body. Then, with assistance, I had him try to walk without his cane. He seemed to move a little better. Yet, he maintained that nothing had changed.

By all appearances, I had blown it. One representative from that church even said that she assumed I was a false prophet. Needless to say, my ministry was not as well received as I anticipated.

I came back to minister the next morning and when I got to the sanctuary, I asked the non-receptive man how he was doing. He claimed he was feeling better but thought it had more to do with medicine than prayer.

As I left Sunday afternoon, I wondered whether I heard from God. I wanted something wonderful to happen, but it seemed like I missed it.

However, a few days afterward, I received word that this man was healed. He woke up Monday morning and got out of bed without assistance. By Wednesday he was crawling under his daughter’s car to change her oil. In fact, he wore his oily overalls to church to prove what God had accomplished.

In this remarkable healing act, God softened the heart of a bitter, unbending man. He moved from being hostile to being one of the biggest defenders of the ministry.

I picked up a vital lesson through this encounter. Trust God in all matters. Sometimes it looks like you’ve failed in the short-term, but God concentrates on the long game. He will always vindicate those who are willing to walk in His ways.

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