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The Healing Ministry of Randy Clark

11 months ago · By J.D. King · 3 Min Read

Missionary evangelist Randy Clark (1952– ), launching out of the Toronto Blessing in the mid-1990s, did more than write books and speak in conferences. He conducted “healing schools” and organized short-term missionary teams to minister around the world.

A number of remarkable breakthroughs have been recorded through the efforts of Clark and his associates. Randy declared,

"We’ve seen the blind see, we’ve seen the deaf hear, and we’ve seen people walk who were paralyzed, including a paraplegic with a severed spine. We’ve seen people recover from strokes. We’ve seen people who had only weeks to live with different things—from AIDS to cancer—get healed. But we see lots of people who don’t get healed. It’s not like everybody we pray for gets healed. But we’re seeing more than we used to."[1]

On one occasion, Clark and his team encountered a “10-year-old boy who could not fully walk, run, or jump since he was one.”[2] The boy’s kneecaps were maligned—jutting out to the left and right. After taking a few steps, he would often collapse to the ground. Physicians were genuinely baffled about the origins of this illness.

Clark shares, "We prayed by laying on of hands at the knees, which resulted in less pain. We prayed again, and he felt an unfamiliar pain pulling one of the kneecaps back to center. We prayed again; all pain was gone. We took him out to walk, run, and jump, which he did successfully with a smile on his face."[3]

In another instance, Clark had come into contact with a Brazilian man with a severe aneurysm. A previous operation had gone bad, causing him to lose 90 percent of his hearing. With paralysis on his left side, his arm lay motionless, and his leg had to be dragged. Describing the amazing healing encounter that followed, Clark asserts,

"We began praying for him, but nothing was happening . . . I was just trying to be faithful, praying, “God, you know what he needs.” But I didn’t have strong faith that he would get healed . . . I kept praying, and you could feel the heat on him. His hand was cold because of poor circulation, and you could touch his pant leg and feel how cold his leg was through the pants. “Heat is coming down my arm,” he said. We kept praying and blessing, and to make a long story short, by the end of the night, he had his hearing back. He could hear me talk from a hundred feet away. By the end of the night, he had a full range of motion with his arm, and he could walk. It was a major, major healing."[4]

Over two decades, Clark’s teams have reported over “350,000 . . . healing miracles in 50 nations, including instances of the blind regaining sight; the paralyzed walking; and people healed of cancer, AIDS, and strokes.”[5]

Beyond Clark’s wisdom and theological acumen is a humility that makes him approachable. For many fellow revivalists, he is more than a peer: They look to him as a spiritual father. Bill Johnson of Redding, California, declares, "Randy has modeled for us all how to live the miracle lifestyle in a practical way. The grace on Randy’s life to impart supernatural grace to people is stronger than on anyone I’ve ever met."[6]

Mark Chironna (1954– ), of the Master’s Touch International in Orlando, is an author and conference speaker. Over recent years, he has come to know Randy. Here is what Chironna had to say:

"When God sent Randy up to Toronto, it changed the world. There would not be the level of ministry or Heidi and Rolland Baker if it were not for God using Randy Clark. There would not be a Bill Johnson. I could name voice after voice that God has used to touch the planet with a global footprint."[7]

Clark will go down in history as one of the greatest voices of healing in the twenty-first century.

Adapted from Regeneration: A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church

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