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The Present And Future Kingdom

8 months ago · By J.D. King · 1 Min Read
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I’m confident you’ve come across this, but misperceptions occasionally rise over theological matters. A well-meaning colleague recently explained that the gospel is really about the future transformation of the cosmos. He asserted, “One day all that remains of creation will be upended in the glory of God.”

I recognized his position. Disappointments crush us and darkness remains. Undeniably, many splendid things will be revealed after Jesus’ second coming.

Yet, the gospel of the Kingdom is not just the restoration of all things at the end of the age. It is also the transformation of our present world.

In the first century, Jesus appeared as king. Scripture affirms that He will prolong His messianic reign “until He places all his enemies under his feet” (1 Corinthians 15:25-26).

The subjugation of evil will endure until the glorious day of resurrection. In that day, death and all that has instigated it will be forever vanquished.

Although we prepare for a glorious future, we also appreciate the beauty and wonder of the present work of Jesus. We are fortunate to reside in the ever-expanding Kingdom of God.

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