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The Surprising Reason You Think Things Are Bad In The World

8 months ago · By J.D. King · 1 Min Read

The principal reason that many men and women believe the world is growing worse is because of the influence of the media.

Failing media corporations are going after eyeballs and internet clicks. Because pessimism sells, television broadcasts emphasize conflict. With the inescapable pull of catastrophe, gatekeepers stress the negative. Many programming directors operate by the motto, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Policymakers warn of global disasters, and the cultural architects frighten people with alarmist exaggerations. While maintaining that everything is falling apart, journalists exhibit merely a fragment of what’s transpiring in the world.

The fact that our distracted culture is often misled shouldn’t be much of a shock. Considerable advantage is gained from the confusion. Less scrupulous individuals want you agitated. Fearful people are easier to manipulate and control.

From the vantage point of today, essentially all of history’s trends take us in a positive direction. Around the globe, violence, disease, and poverty are diminishing. The unfolding annals of history reveal an optimistic story.

Along the periphery, beauty and wonder are engulfing the earth. Marvelous realities are emerging. It’s time to take another look. Try to see things as they are—not just how they’re depicted. What’s taking place in our world is better than we have ever imagined.

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