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6 Ways To Operate In Words Of Knowledge

11 months ago · By J.D. King · 1 Min Read

Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, a Christian can obtain strategic knowledge previously unknown. These insights may be a catalyst for prayer or increase the receptivity of the one being prayed for.

The Bible briefly references revelatory activity in 1 Corinthians 12:8. Here, Paul declares, "The Spirit gives the gift of the word of revelation knowledge."

Scripture doesn’t provide details about operating in spiritual gifts. Nevertheless, there are hints--if you look carefully. The prophets of old saw “pictures” or heard “sounds.” They picked up on the things of God in the realm of the imagination.

Does God still speak through the senses? I believe that He does. I have found that the LORD sometimes brings illumination in the recesses of the mind.

I would like to point out some of the different ways that people receive words of knowledge today.

  1. See It

One way to receive a word of knowledge is by seeing a picture. God points something out in your mind’s eye that needs to be acted upon.

  1. Think It

Another pathway is through your thoughts. Suddenly you know something that you were not aware of. You receive understanding from heaven.

  1. Say It

Sometimes while exhorting, testifying, or praying, inspired words tumble out. These are spontaneous utterances that the speaker may have not even realized were being said.

  1. Read It

Another way that you may receive a word of knowledge is by seeing letters or a word in your mind’s eye. This phrase gives you a point of engagement.

  1. Feel It

Sometimes unusual physical sensations or bodily impressions reveal important things. God is not afraid to speak through the natural realm.

  1. Dream It

While at rest at night, God can also communicate with you. Nocturnal visions can be invigorated with insights from God.

Words of knowledge can be challenging. Nevertheless, I would encourage you to be open to hearing from God in visceral ways. This can stir the heart and open the door to incredible things.

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