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Why I Am A Partial Preterist And Have A Hopeful View Of The Future

There’s a criticism heard in Christian circles. Some optimists are scorned—derided as “preterists.” This seemingly dismissive label is derived from the word "praeter," a Latin term meaning “past.”

Those who believe in the fulfillment of biblical prophecies are called preterists. This interpretive lens tends to clash with the futuristic orientation of many churchgoers.

Let’s face it, Evangelical identity is entangled in futurism. Multitudes believe that the Book of Rev...

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Identity Through Identification

Even though humanity has been rebellious and dishonorable, God is advancing toward us. Though we have disregarded His grace, he is still working to bring reconciliation.

Because of mankind’s extraordinary value and worth, God sent his first-born son to reconcile us. Jesus didn’t just come to eliminate the darkness and sin in our hearts. He came to restore us into a place of family and give us an identity.

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Don't Put Off For Tomorrow What Is Available Now

Zeroing-in on things to come, Christians are preoccupied with the future. Many envision, someday, in the “sweet bye and bye,” believers will finally experience goodness and wonder.

I recall one of my Sunday School teachers talking about what life would be like then. She invited my classmates and me to imagine another generation. She suggested we were living in the season of preparation, not the time of fulfillment.

As the years progressed, I increased in my understanding of the...

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Four Lies Of An Antichrist Spirit

I have a special guest post this week. I'm happy to share the following article from Jonathan Brenneman, missionary to Brazil. I have got to know Jonathan over the last few years and have been impressed with his understanding of healing and the deeper works of God. I hope that you take the time to read this insightful post. —J.D. King *

As much speculation as we hear about “the antichrist,” none of the prophetic books of the Bible contain this term. It is found only in the First and Second...

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Lonnie Frisbee and the Wounds of the Heart

In the early 1970s, an accomplished young evangelist named Lonnie Frisbee began ministering at Calvary Chapel in Southern California. Coming out of the counter-culture movement, he was affectionately called the “hippy preacher,” Lonnie actively operated in the gifts of the Spirit, enabling Cavalry Chapel to increase from 50 to over 2000 in less than a year. This became the central hub of the Jesus People Movement.

Several seasons later, Frisbee was invited to speak at John Wimber’s ups...

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The Surprising Reason You Think Things Are Bad In The World

The principal reason that many men and women believe the world is growing worse is because of the influence of the media.

Failing media corporations are going after eyeballs and internet clicks. Because pessimism sells, television broadcasts emphasize conflict. With the inescapable pull of catastrophe, gatekeepers stress the negative. Many programming directors operate by the motto, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Policymakers warn of global disasters, and the cultural architects fr...

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