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Renter's Analogy

If a man owns a house and rents it to another, an agreement typically defines what takes place on that property. Although the owner continues to hold a rightful claim, he cannot rightfully do anything he wants with the house. His emerging relationship with the renter now shapes what can be expected and done.

Even if there is a legitimate need — like fixing a hot-water heater or making repairs to the air conditioner — the owner is still obligated to make arrangements with the renter. He...

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How To Operate In Healing

In the summer of 2013, I traveled to South America and had the privilege of ministering in several churches. One of the congregations that I ministered in had been in the midst of an explosive revival over previous years. In fact, you could sense the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit as soon as you entered the building.

However, as the service concluded that evening, I noticed that they didn't pray for the sick.

I asked the pastor about it.

He said, “Oh, we have had...

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6 Ways To Operate In Words Of Knowledge

Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, a Christian can obtain strategic knowledge previously unknown. These insights may be a catalyst for prayer or increase the receptivity of the one being prayed for.

The Bible briefly references revelatory activity in 1 Corinthians 12:8. Here, Paul declares, "The Spirit gives the gift of the word of revelation knowledge."

Scripture doesn’t provide details about operating in spiritual gifts. Nevertheless, there are hints--if you look c...

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Everything Is An Overflow Of Your Identity

Understand that a genuinely fruitful life only emerges from a healthy, God-centered identity. Sadly, Christians unnecessarily struggle with a variety of things. I know dozens and dozens who are plagued with father-issues—wrestling with feelings of inadequacy and fear.

Thankfully, something can be done. Let the Heavenly Father transform your life and position you for greater impact.

There is much gained from what Paul wrote to the believers in Galatia. He said, "Because you...

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Going Beyond the Surface Meaning of Signs and Wonders

Within the cracked scrolls of the Old Testament, one discovers gripping accounts of God's miraculous acts. These marvelous works are typically called "signs and wonders."

The ancient Hebrew words, “sign” (oth) and “wonder” (mopheth), are largely synonymous -- subsisting side-by-side.

The first scriptural occurrence is in the account of plagues brought upon Egypt during the time of Moses (Exodus 7:3). In the midst of skeptical nations, the Lord viscerally dismantled the...

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The Healing Ministry of William Marrian Branham

William Marion Branham (1909–1965), a “mystery, a conundrum, and an enigma,”[1] became the most celebrated (and controversial) figure of the salvation-healing revival (1946-1958). Branham’s ministry was extremely notable. As many as 35,000 people received healing in the first year of his national healing ministry alone.[2]

Healing Stories

In his burgeoning meetings, Branham was “seeing healings take place every night—deaf people healed, cross-eyes straightened, short legs leng...

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