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How To Operate In Healing

In the summer of 2013, I traveled to South America and had the privilege of ministering in several churches. One of the congregations that I ministered in had been in the midst of an explosive revival over previous years. In fact, you could sense the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit as soon as you entered the building.

However, as the service concluded that evening, I noticed that they didn't pray for the sick.

I asked the pastor about it.

He said, “Oh, we have had...

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Sometimes Your Answer Is Hidden In The Problem

Wagner Dodge, was the leader of the “smokejumpers,” specialists who knew how to snuff out dangerous fires. In order to halt a raging blaze, Dodge and his team parachuted onto the top of Mann Gulch in Montana on August 5, 1949.

They strategically hiked down from the north slope—intending to approach the fire from below. In this, they could avoid putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

However, on their way down, Dodge noticed that the wind was carrying embers across the precipice...

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