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4 Reasons The Book Revelation Was Composed Early—And Is Not Overly Futuristic

Many insist that the Book of Revelation was written in 96 AD. They do so primarily because an earlier date of composition would suggest John was prophesying the 70AD destruction of Jerusalem. Although references to first-century events would have made sense to early readers (They would be cognizant of the destruction of Herod's Temple, ending of Mosiac sacrifices, changing priesthood, etc.), this approach is dismissed because it undermines popular apocalyptic interpretations. Many are so enam...

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Four Characters Shaping Your Understanding Of The Bible

Whether entirely cognizant of it or not, you'll always find yourself embedded in an unfolding narrative. Even many of the older stories are still reflected upon long after the fact. What has been said, continues to shape what is being said.

Moreover. in interpreting the Biblical narrative, four different voices are coloring your understanding of things. I'm convinced that each of these groupings of characters must be carefully reconsidered. Despite what you imagine, no one ever truly r...

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