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When Believing is not Seeing: Worldview and the Supernatural

Multitudes in the North America and Europe reject the existence of angels, demons, and spiritual realities. Sadly this includes scores of people claiming to be “Christian.” Many churchgoers are so immersed in Western materialism[1] that they discard notions of the supernatural. They declare, “Only that which is measurable and observable can be believed. Everything else should be scrutinized and questioned.”

Exposing this outlook, Charles Kraft, a missiologist from Fuller Theological Se...

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Four Characters Shaping Your Understanding Of The Bible

Whether entirely cognizant of it or not, you'll always find yourself embedded in an unfolding narrative. Even many of the older stories are still reflected upon long after the fact. What has been said, continues to shape what is being said.

Moreover. in interpreting the Biblical narrative, four different voices are coloring your understanding of things. I'm convinced that each of these groupings of characters must be carefully reconsidered. Despite what you imagine, no one ever truly r...

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