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Why The Great Tribulation Has Already Passed

Like many others, I grew up with intense fears about an encroaching time of cataclysm and disaster. Drawing on a patchwork of biblical verses from Matthew 24 and Daniel 9, I was told that all of creation would enter a seven-year period of tribulation in which an evil Antichrist would come to power. This “beast” would make a seven-year peace treaty with Israel, only to betray the Jews after three and a half years, plunging the world into a geopolitical crisis that ends with the battle of Armag...

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Your Identity Comes From Identification

Only those intimately associated with Jesus will find their way into God's Kingdom.

People tend to complicate things, but salvation is only appropriated through one's covenantal identification with the Son of God.

By this, I'm referring to a willingness to pour your whole existence into Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.

In one transformative act of solidarity, He became our substitute. By the grace of God, men and women can be “accredited” with what Jesus did.


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